BA (hons) Fine Art – Painting & Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art, 2016

Currently lives and works in Glasgow, UK

Through a use of technical and expressive methods, my practice deals with the cultural construction of the body. By combining print making techniques with intuitive mark-making, I aim to re-configure ways in which the female form can be consumed viscerally. Incorporating found imagery with projective painting and drawing methods allows me to renegotiate the body’s sense of subjectivity. This often results in multi-layered, mixed media works which contain depictions of ambiguous bodily forms. I deconstruct the fixed image to reveal the body’s sensual and multifarious nature which acts as a means of re-coding the visual conditions typically regulative of the body; the aim being to place it within a more positive realm of depiction. Highlighted is the paradox between culture’s ideological impositions and natural bodily instinct and impulse. By developing forms which do not follow logical criteria, but are based on subjective associations, I incite the viewer to become incorporated in the language of the reconstructed imagery. Implementing a fluid, direct and emotive form of painterly communication allows me to favour the body’s uncontrollable, biological elements over the paradigms which seek to streamline it.

Dissertation - The Female Nude’s Relationship With Feminist Art and Criticism

Selected Exhibitions

  • Inspired by The Glasgow Girls, 2019 Mackintosh Queen's Cross, Glasgow
  • Miscellaneous, September 2019 Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
  • Best of 2019 Showcase, 7th December 2018 – 9th January 2019 Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
  • Imago Mundi Project 2018
  • Emerging Contemporaries, 2017 Glasgow Art Club, Glasgow
  • Women’s Work: Being Seen (Part 1), 1st April – 8th April Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie
  • Women’s Work: Being Seen (Part 2) 7th October – 2nd November Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie